Four Client Concerns
Investment Solutions Which Address Four Client Concerns Observed by Financial Advisors
Investors face increasingly complex financial circumstances and an unpredictable market environment. Financial advisors partnered with Meeder have shared their clients’ top concerns around retirement preparedness, wealth management, tax planning, savings,
and more.

Financial advisors who align with clients’ needs round four key priorities—which include growing income, accessing personalized solutions, gaining tax efficiency, and minimizing risk—are well poised to capture more opportunities and a growing share of assets.
Four Investor & Advisor Priorities
Investor objectives
shared with advisors
Understand my unique outlook, perspective, and time horizon to maximize my wealth and net worth.
Help me use my assets to support everyday needs, prepare for retirement and sustain my standard of living.
Achieve a tax-managed financial plan that optimizes my after-tax portfolio return.
Keep me on course to build wealth, diversify, and avoid bad decisions in unpredictable markets.
Advisor investment strategy
Develop highly customized portfolios aligned with individual goals using data-informed modeling. Provide concierge-style solutions through personalized security selection in a tailored Private Wealth solution.
Create an income producing strategy for the future. Build an income portfolio to provide liquidity, outpace inflation, and achieve retirement income goals.
Provide active tax management with a focus on maximizing after-tax wealth. Utilize active tax management to control realized capital gains through tax-loss harvesting and gain deferral, among other strategies.
Seek to protect investments during market volatility using a tactical strategy that adapts to changing risks. Implement proven models including tactical defensive equity and fixed income.
Investment products & solutions (examples)
» Separately Managed Accounts
» Equity/Specialty Funds
» Global/International Funds
» Target Withdrawal
» Age-Based Portfolios
» Fixed Income Funds
» Money Market Funds
 » Separately Managed Accounts
» Tactical Allocation Funds
» Tactical Risk-Based Portfolios
» Tactical Non-Proprietary Risk-Based Portfolios
Investor outcome
Trust that my advisor understands my objectives and delivers on my unique needs.
Secure the path to a better retirement and more secure retirement income.
Achieve increased confidence in my overall tax situation.
Gain a disciplined and risk-managed approach to long-term growth.
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Meeder partners with advisors to create investment solutions which address clients’ objectives using a proven 5-step process: Discovery, Diagnosis, Design, Deploy, and Deliver. 

Reach out today to help meet your clients’ objectives for financial wellness and long-term aspirations. Meeder is here, with you, for you.