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Some Meeder Portfolio strategies utilize our Defensive Equity Strategy to determine what portion of the portfolio’s equity sleeve will be invested in the equity markets. The dynamic statistical model analyzes and ranks over 70 different factors from our short, intermediate, and long term models to estimate the potential reward and marketplace risk of the equity markets. When the model indicates that the risks of the stock market may be greater than its potential rewards, the portfolios can scale back their equity exposure.
May 12, 2023
The intermediate-model is strong due to growing pessimistic sentiment from market participants, which we view as positive from a contrarian perspective.

 The long-term model has recently shown signs of improvement.  Long-term trends, particularly in developed international equities, have positively contributed to model.

 The VIX, which is a gauge of equity market risk, continues to remain low despite increasing market pessimism. Meanwhile, the MOVE index, which is a gauge of bond market risk, remains elevated despite falling from its March highs.

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